I am dying to go to a maroon 5 concert ): and no one wants to go T__T why

omg.. im so irritated. im going to ughhh. wtf. im so stressed. i just want to be successful T___T

I am so tired x_xx. i never encountered a flat tire.. with my own car. it was so weird i got scared and started to cry lol. so then i called for help and what o should do and they said drive back to the gas station and then i did and my whole fucking tire is fucked up omg. and it wasnt even a flat tire… it was a nail. like wtf. 

when someone finally ask me to go bowling and then no one wants to go so then i don’t go ): 

i’ve been having these really bad moments and then i feel like omg im gonna die then i get sad then i dont do anything forever. these like flash thoughts scare the shit outta me and then im stuck in this place where i feel nothing.

I gave the most awkwardest hug ever today. i was debating to hug them when i first saw them and i didnt then i gave them an awkward hug when they were talking im so fucking uncomfy when it comes to hugs like just dont touch me..

I realize now… how much of an introvert I really am. LOL. omg it is such a lonely life.  I am dying from the lack of communication I get from people.